DL Carlson Investment Group (DLC) provides investment management services to individuals, families, Pensions & Profit Sharing plans, businesses, and charitable organizations. Our business was founded in 1989 and we pride ourselves on customer service.  Our low employee turnover, combined with our teams experience managing wealth, has built years of trust with our clients.  The firm is registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and is employee owned providing us with the independence needed to focus on our clients goals.

Our Mission

DL Carlson Investment Group strives to provide our clients with superior risk-adjusted returns for their investment portfolios. We will take the time to understand each client’s financial needs and provide solid, objective advice in order to help them attain their goals. This service is provided in a transparent and timely manner. Every client has access to each decision maker and we will take the time to provide complete answers to every question.

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